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About The

Doodle Den Foundation

We are The Doodle Den Foundation

The Doodle Den Foundation emerges as a heartfelt initiative rooted in personal experiences and a resolute sense of purpose. The founder, Michelle Jennings, envisioned the project as a way to help others with a lot of strength, empathy, and love.


In 2018, a pivotal moment altered the course of Michelle’s life. She faced a life-altering injury, leading her on a profound path of recovery. The determination to reunite with her family, especially her young daughter, not only birthed the foundation but also ignited a fervent desire to uplift others on their journey to self-restoration. Michelle’s journey was still deeply affected by heartbreaking losses in her life, which once again required her to use all her resilience and hope to keep going. All these experiences, together with the love and support from her daughter, Jillian, her boyfriend, Raymond, and her best friend, gave her the determination to keep fighting for herself, her loved ones, and her community.

Utilizing her academic knowledge in Criminal Justice and Psychology and with the aspiration to establish a non-profit foundation where a portion of all contributions directly aids individuals recovering from serious injuries or illnesses, Michelle founded “The Doodle Den Foundation” on August 3rd, 2023.

All projects and actions within the organization are based on inclusivity, allowing people to live their best lives. The road to physical rejuvenation should not pass through sterile hallways, and nursing homes lack the resources and support needed to guide patients back to their homes and lives. So, as The Doodle Den Foundation, our aim is to bridge this gap and offer assistance where it's most needed — no one is left out! Our love for community beyond geographical limits is what motivated us to reinforce unity and build a large loving family.


Furthermore, we also stand for the amazing bonds that can grow between people and their pets. Among the diverse needs that arise during recovery, some may require the companionship of a service animal to navigate daily life with newfound independence. We strongly believe in the benefits of the relationship between a person and their service animal. Ever since our founder, Michelle, met Sarah, a smart and energetic golden doodle, the bond between them has been a life-saving one for both dog and owner. Sarah is an important part of the Jennings family today, always offering loyal companionship.

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Dog Portrait

This is why one of our main wishes is to raise and nurture Aussiedoodle puppies, renowned for their potential as service animals. These medium-sized, allergy-friendly dogs are a result of the unique blend of poodle genetics. Our dedication leads us to pledge that from each litter, one or two pups will find their purpose by becoming companions to those who seek the invaluable assistance of a service animal but face financial barriers. But this is just one of the ways we envision supporting those who often find themselves overlooked: we work with and donate to other non-profit organizations that support the military, police, fire, children, and essential workers.

With hearts full of hope and the vision of a brighter tomorrow, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Your engagement and backing bring us closer to realizing this profound mission, where every step leads to renewed lives and profound impact. You can donate to us directly here and also by buying from The Doodle Den LLC, where a portion of the sales will be directed towards the Foundation.

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