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The Doodle Den Foundation

Nurturing Strength, Together We Flourish

Welcome to The Doodle Den Foundation

Welcome to The Doodle Den Foundation, a haven of hope and support for those bravely navigating the challenges of disabilities and serious illnesses. With open arms and compassionate hearts, we extend our warmest greetings to you. Through this vibrant online space, we aspire to share stories of courage, provide valuable information, and invite you to join hands in making a difference. Together, we weave a tapestry of strength, spreading awareness and love. Step into our den of positivity, where every click resonates with purpose and every donation fuels transformation.

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About us

The Doodle Den Foundation emerges as a heartfelt initiative rooted in personal experiences and a strong sense of purpose. Our journey begins in rural Maine, fueled by a vision that extends beyond borders. As we take our first steps, we will be going out into the community, aiming to eventually grow beyond the borders of Maine. We also plan to start a program to help those who can't afford a service animal but are in need of one, completely free of charge.

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Our mission at The Doodle Den Foundation is to radiate positivity and offer unwavering support to those overcoming disabilities and serious illnesses. For those in the rehabilitation stage after a serious illness or injury, we aim to help to get them out of nursing homes & back to their own home. We strive to help them get back to living their best lives.

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“You can do anything if you put your heart and mind to it.”

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